The Edinburgh Festival Fringe invited us to premiere Unseen Shepard on the opening night of the 2022 Festival and the show had a great run Aug. 5-20 in The Space on the Mile/Venue #39. Click here to see our ticket link!

We send a huge thank you to Antony D'Avirro for writing and recording original music for our production!

We wish to highlight actors Cameron Meyer and Matt Foyer

Unseen Shepard was directed by the fabulous Martin Jago.

We thank Antony D'Avirro for running sound and Mary Ellen Braaten for running lights during the Fringe run. We also thank Lily Braaten and Terry Diab for helping the show in so many ways each evening!

The estate of Sam Shepard gave us their approval of the play in May 2022!

To learn more about the history of the play and to help us get to the Festival, please use this donation link:

Our show is officially on a sale! We will be performing at The Space on the Mile (Space 3), Venue #39. Here's the link to purchase tickets:

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